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last updated November 19, 2015

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Vancouver Maternity Photographer - Introducing Mini Maternity Sessions

A baby is the ultimate expression of love! Not just the love parents feel for each other, but most importantly the love they share for the innocent life they're privileged to bring into this world.

February is the month of love with cupids, hearts and chocolate kisses reminding you to celebrate the feelings of romance and infatuation. As many expectant mothers will know (particularly those enduring morning sickness), romance is not exactly a high priority, but the feelings of infatuation are truly magical.

From sharing the news after getting the positive test result, to hearing the heart beat for the first time, to feeling the gentle flutters as your tiny miracle makes his presence known, pregnancy is by far the most monumental time in a woman's life. A time, I feel, deserves to be documented.

I cherish my own maternity images. They remind me of my own feelings, hopes and expectations I had at those times. That's the beauty of photographs. Just like a song, or a scent, an image takes you back in time to the memories you have of a particular event, person or place. Long after you fit into your skinny jeans again (or like me, you've given up trying); long after the first separation anxiety; and long after first steps, words, and toothfairy visits, images of your beautiful belly will transport you back to where it all begun. You'll be reminded of the tiny kicks and hickups, the prenatal classes, the sleepless nights filled with anxiety and expectations. Memories of who you were while your child grew safely within you.

I am happy to introduce the "Mini Maternity Session" add-on to your newborn session. Quite often I get inquiries about "just a few" belly shots, from clients who are shy or private, but who truly wish to have a handful of keepsake images to remember their pregnancy by. This option is also perfect for women who have done a full session for their first baby, and would love to add to their memories with their second or subsequent child.

The Mini Maternity Session costs $100 and lasts 20-30 minutes. The 5-7 images from this session will be shown together with your newborn photos.

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