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last updated November 19, 2015

Saturday, November 12, 2011

Newborn Photography - Addressing Safety

Today's post addresses an issue that is very important to me not only as a photographer who specializes in newborn and baby photography in the Vancouver area, but also as a mother of two beautiful girls.

See, there is nothing more precious and delicate than a brand new baby. My own daughter was born 7 weeks prematurely and entered this world weighing mere 4lbs 12oz. She was the tiniest little person I've ever met and she seemed so fragile to me. I admired the way her NICU nurses were confidently changing, dressing and bathing their tiny patients. I quickly learned that their confidence stemmed from having years of experience and understanding how to handle newborns safely and correctly.

Working with newborns is a privilege I am very grateful for. I take my job very seriously and I am honoured that parents trust me with their tiny babies the way I trusted the nurses who cared for my daughter. I have photographed over 100 newborns and babies in the last few years and I'm in awe of how unique each of my tiny clients is. Every baby has his/her own preferences and dictates how the session will go and what pose I can try. As much as I am willing to try a variety of set ups, if I feel that baby's safety would be compromised, I will insist upon safer alternatives.

With newborn photography growing in popularity, there are many new photographers entering the market. Personally, I think it's wonderful that parents nowadays have many choices and many different styles to choose from. I also understand that choosing the right photographer can be overwhelming, particularly since it can be difficult at times to distinguish between an experienced photographer who will safely handle and pose your baby and someone who might not put your baby's safety first.

One thing that is rarely talked about is the fact that many of the unique and whimsical photos are done as composites (2-5 images combined together to create a single image).

I am guilty of not disclosing this information, because I like to keep some of the "magic" hidden. That being said, I am aware of a growing number of photographers who attempt some of these shots without knowing how to do them safely.

If you are a parent looking for a photographer to capture some precious memories of your brand new bundle of joy, do some research and ask questions before you book.

A common trend emerging is for photographers to attend workshops on newborn posing. I think it's FANTASTIC that those photographers are eager to learn safe handling and posing techniques. Unfortunately, this is an unregulated industry and there are many workshops offered by self proclaimed specialists. Sadly, there are very few workshops where the photographers actually get to pose the babies under the careful supervision of an instructor. Instead, there are often several students in attendance, who simply get to watch while the baby is posed. The students are then allowed to take photos for their portfolios without having done any of the set up work or posing themselves. This can be particularly misleading to parents looking at a photographer's website. I cannot stress this enough, if you found someone whose work you love, ask them to show you samples from their most recent 3-5 session (or visit their blog) and ask them what measures they take to ensure your baby's safety during the photo shoot.

I get frequently asked if I offer workshops, mentoring, or classes on newborn photography and posing. I do not. If you're a photographer who is interested in safe posing techniques, contact me and I will gladly point you to some great resources.  Keep it simple! There is nothing more beautiful than baby sleeping comfortably.
Learn the ins and outs of your photo editing software to create some fun images from time to time, 

and most importantly, remember why you're doing this. To give families treasured keepsakes of their tiny miracle :-)


ana rocha said...

Dear Ewa,
Thank you for this post. I am with you 150%. I had redone my website recently and I had insisted in writing about baby safety and my training with Tracy Raver, Kelley Ryder and Laura Siebert. Those names are for me one of the very best when it comes to safety for newborns. I feel like you, that safety is the primary aspect when it comes to newborn photography and there are so many photographers out there doing newborn shoots without addressing this properly. It is imperative to highlight this. Thank you for your post. Your work is very inspiring and you executed brilliantly.

Shermanim said...

Wow! I'm so glad that you posted this. I had no idea that newborn photography was done like you demonstrated. I am an amateur photographer and I was hoping to photograph my next baby, but would have had no clue about the safety issues. Would you be able to send me the info for the resources on safety you mentioned in the post?

Mamique said...

Thanks Ana! I think it's so great that you had the opportunity to train with these ladies and that you're dedicated to ensuring your little subject are safe during their session.

Shermanim, please send me an email, and I will provide you with more details :-)


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